Get off the diet rollercoaster and focus on your overall health

You might not believe its possible but when you learn how to eat balanced meals that include your favorite foods you will never feel the need to go back on and off diets

Imagine no longer feeling guilty after eating all of your favorite foods.


It’s no secret that leading a healthy lifestyle is important for overall wellness.

But does that mean you have to count every calorie and restrict yourself from enjoying life? Absolutely not!

In fact, restrictive diets often backfire, causing more stress and overwhelm. Instead of worrying about the numbers on the scale, let’s focus on making choices that make you feel good both mentally AND physically.

Life is too short to always worry about calories and the number on the scale!

Nutrition Coaching New York

Did you know…

95 % of people who start a diet end up gaining the weight back + more.

When working together we will create a plan that is realistic and sustainable for your lifestyle so you never feel the need to go back on another diet again! No more diets, no more restricting.


The VIP Nutrition Program:

Change the way you think about food

Weekly calls

The first (2) sessions will be 60 minutes and will consist of intake and education information. Then after that, we will have weekly 30 minute calls to follow up and I will provide support and further education based on your unique needs.

Customized meal ideas and recipes

You will receive lots of ideas for different meals and recipes that fit your lifestyle and health needs. While I don’t provide meal plans, these meal ideas can help you find more flexibility with your food choices.

Daily Food + mood journal support

You will have access to the Practice Better Food and Mood Journal. This isn’t your typical journal because we won’t be focusing on calories, etc. We will be looking for patterns in your life that we can adjust so that you can live a life free from guilt about what you eat.

*Group Packages and Pricing available upon request

Hi, I’m Mimi

Your New York City Dietitian Nutritionist

If you are feeling lost and confused about what to eat it is not your fault.

There is SO much diet culture noise that makes food really confusing.

But luckily I have the tools to help you get to a place where you will no longer have these thoughts!

→ You will learn how to eat a balanced lifestyle without restriction or deprivation.

→ You will learn how to enjoy all the foods you love without guilt.

→ You will learn how to be confident in your food choices.

I will walk you through the steps to get there – just know food freedom is possible if you trust the process!

Nutrition Counseling is for you if you…


Are tired of going on and off diets


Feel out of control around foods on the weekends


Feel guilty after eating your favorite foods


Are ready to learn how to live a balanced lifestyle

Nutrition Counseling is not for you if you…


Are looking for a quick fix


Want a rigid meal plan/detox/cleanse


Aren't ready to trust the process


Aren't ready to ditch dieting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

No – Nutrition by Mimi does not take insurance.

Will I lose weight?

While working with me, we are going to take weight loss out of the equation. Once you re-learn how to eat without all of the diet culture noise, weight loss could potentially be a side effect, however it is not promised and will definitely depend on the situation. But don’t worry, I will teach you other ways to measure your progress without depending on the scale!

How many sessions do I need?

This is different for each of my clients, but after the discovery call I can let you know what I think would be best for you. Some clients will benefit from 1 month but I see when clients commit to 3-6 months it sets them up for long term success.

Can it be virtual?

Yes! All of the nutrition sessions will be Telehealth.

Ready to get started?